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Internal Family

Holistic. Non-judgmental. Transformative.

IFS Can Help if You...

Struggle with self-criticism + low self-esteem

Are a perfectionist or struggle with work/life balance 

Experience anxiety or overthink things 

Have experienced trauma (childhood or adult)

Struggle to make decisions

And more!

"When you say, 'A part of me feels that...' you have already embraced the basic of IFS, whether or not you are aware of it."           -Richard Schwartz + Bill Brennan

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What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?

A holistic approach to understanding the human experience

It assumes:

  • We all have sub-personalities called parts

  • All parts have good intentions

  • We all have an infinite source of wise energy called the Self 

  • Parts take on extreme roles due to stress and trauma

  • The way we relate to our parts affects our sense of internal and external wellness

IFS Looks Like...

IFS Looks Like...

IFS Therapy Looks Like...

Connection to Self-energy 


Exploration of thoughts, emotions, and body sensations

Non-judgment and curiosity 

Exploration of fears and limiting beliefs

The Goals of IFS  Therapy Are...

Harmonize the internal system

Strengthen and empower Self 

Maintain Self-leadership

All Parts Release Pain and Burdens  in order to Operate in Preferred Roles 

I believe that as humans, we are born with innate wisdom, courage, curiosity, and compassion.


As we move through tough life experiences, we can become fragmented, creating parts of self.


These parts can take on extreme roles in an attempt to keep us safe, leading to distress, destructive patterns, self-judgment, and ultimately feeling stuck. 


I believe that by turning inwards, we can repair these relationships between these parts of ourselves.


By invoking our innate qualities of compassion and curiosity, we can restore harmony within our internal world.


As these relationships mend, we again begin to feel whole, empowered, and frankly unstoppable.

My Approach to Internal Family Systems

"If you think of these [parts] as ephemeral thoughts and emotions, then it makes sense to separate and just witness them. If instead, you think of them as suffering inner beings, it makes no sense to just watch them from remove, because that’s not compassion, compassion means to go to suffering entities and embrace them and love them and help them heal. 

-Richard Schwartz 


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