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Green Forest


You're doing important work. Let me support you.

I happily wear the many hats of a supervisor: educator, consultant, colleague, and healer.


Perhaps you are at the beginning of your clinical career and would benefit from step-by-step support while starting to see your first few clients.

Or maybe, you are a licensed professional counselor looking for consultation on certain cases.


Whether you are in either of those places, or even somewhere in-between, I happily extend a hand.



My approach to supervision is highly relational in nature. Just like with clients, it is necessary to build rapport and trust within the supervisory relationship. I've been there! I get how intimidating and vulnerable this work can be. Therefore, I will always approach you with non-judgment and curiosity. It is also important that you experience growth in your clinical work. To ensure this happens, when appropriate, I will assist you in identifying clinical goals, engage in periodic evaluation, and help develop your unique clinical orientation.

Utilizing an eclectic approach of reflective and solution-focused supervision, I simultaneously allow you to grow in your own therapeutic practice while providing scaffolding to help you reach your goals as a clinician.


Reach out for a free 20-minute consultation.

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