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Why "Empowered Growth"?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

To be honest, I spent a long time (maybe longer than I would like to admit) contemplating the name of my practice. So why and how did I land on empowered growth?

While reflecting on my own healing experiences, as well as some of my clients', I noticed a common theme. So many of us can see and believe in the healing and growth of others but for some reason, it's just not the same with ourselves. Perhaps we've tried therapy or coaching before and continued to feel stuck, or perhaps we may have even felt too stuck to try. I remember having this exact experience in one of my own therapy sessions. I was questioning my ability to grow and achieve, when my therapist simply responded with a question: "What if you are capable?" *cue mindblown moment* Right then, I realized that I didn't believe I was strong enough to move forward or that I was capable of building my dream life. That simple question allowed me to get curious: "What if I was enough?", "What if I could achieve all of the things I've ever wanted?"

This shift in perspective completely changed my healing trajectory. When things got rough, I began replacing thoughts of "This is too much." to "I can handle this." As I became more empowered, the more I grew into my more authentic self. Eventually, I became unstuck from my past, built healthier relationships, and rededicated myself to my life goals.

So I have a question for you. Think about some messages you tell yourself that hold you back. Are they something like, "I am too damaged" or "I am not enough"? Now, imagine what it would be like if those messages were no longer on repeat in your mind. How would things be different? Maybe you begin to believe that healing is possible. Maybe your dream life begins to seem more achievable.

This is the foundation of my practice. My job is to reacquaint you with your empowered Self. The Self every single one of us possess. In doing so, we begin to believe, and experience, our resilience and resourcefulness. Once we have done so, we can achieve deep and transformative growth.

Are you ready to experience your own empowered growth journey? Reach out now!

"Once there is a critical mass of Self energy...healing happens spontaneously and quickly."

-Richard Schwartz, Creator of Internal Family Systems

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