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  • You're sick of the hustle culture and instead want a career based on passion and fulfillment

  • You're in your current job because it was what you were "supposed to do" but there's something in your gut telling you its not the right fit

  • You are entering or leaving the helping profession (Therapists, nurses, teachers, I see you)

  • You feel tired and uninspired to get out of bed in the morning

  • You're feeling motivated to make a change in your life but fear keeps getting in the way

  • You feel unsatisfied with your relationships (romantic, platonic, familial)

  • You want to grow into the most empowered, inspired, and passionate version of yourself!

We could be a good fit! Does this sound like you?

What You'll Get 

Free 20 minute clarification call 

1x 90 minute goal-setting session

4x 60 minute coaching calls per month 

Integration work between sessions

Access to guided meditations

Image by Ivana Cajina
Image by Denys Nevozhai

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?


While both want you to grow and feel better in life, there are very important differences between the two.

First off, therapy is typically focused on past experiences and their impact on your current life. Ya know that classic image of someone laying on the couch while talking about their parents? Therapy has made some great progress since then (thank goodness), but the premise largely remains the same. 
Coaching is focused on the  present and future. While we may take a look at past experiences to provide some context, we will emphasize what can be done in the present day to reach your goals.

Speaking of goals, coaching can be much more goal-oriented than therapy. When you step into my coaching program, I will help you identify very tangible and concrete goals ,along with easy-to-follow steps, that you would like to achieve by the end of our work together. While goal-setting is an important part of therapy, it can tend to be more exploratory and not as time-limited

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